Our Story

The Local Group was born in Chicago with world class talent.  Our vision is to tailor entertainment to your specific needs.

The Local Group presents recognizable music ranging from Chicago traditional blues, rock and R&B, to jazz, pop and country.  They deliver high energy, professional rock star quality entertainment for your occasion and/or event.

The Local Group performs at various sized functions such as bar, private, corporate, wedding, and festivals small and large.  Any combination of musicians can be hired for your event including additional instrumentation out side of The Local Group's core members. Examples would be saxophone, violin, harmonica, congas, etc.  We can supply anything from a quiet instrumental duo playing background music for your baby shower to a full 12 piece band for your outdoor summer festival and everything in-between.

The Local Group features:

Andrea Miologos - vocals
Brian Burke - electric and acoustic guitars
Chris Bernhardt - electric and acoustic basses
KC - piano
Marty Binder - drums